Integrated Services
for Clinical Engineering
and Sterilization
Integrated Services for Clinical Engineering In a world where technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and expensive in an effort to continuously overcome its own limits, a need has arisen for new techniques and new criteria that will afford efficient, safe and cost-effective management of companies’ technological assets.
In a scenario that involves a quest for a balance between service quality and the protection of financial concerns, all activities not directly related to the company’s mission become critical, as they absorb resources, impose constraints on the primary activities and pose potential technical and administrative risks.
The answer to this quest is Clinical Engineering, which deals with the efficient and safe management of technology in the health care field.
A single partner, many integrated services. Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. offers its services as your exclusive partner in the management of your technological assets.
A reliable partner, equipped to support you in defining strategies, planning investments, optimizing procedures and in all other activities related to Clinical Engineering.
Tecnologie Sanitarie works at your side, using operative approaches that comply with certification standards (UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, UNI EN ISO 13485:2004, UNI EN 14000:2004), to manage your technological resources and reduce the number of suppliers to be dealt with, allowing you to benefit from fast and effective assistance and to achieve more streamlined administrative procedures as well as tangible economic advantages – so you can concentrate your energies on your Company’s actual mission.
Evolving specialization. Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. is a leading provider of Clinical Engineering services in Italy.
Over fifty years of first-hand experience acquired and developed in healthcare services have turned Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. into a company that is growing at the same pace as its field’s technology.
Such a tradition, both technical and cultural, consistently guarantees operative excellence and the highest quality in services.
Our experience continues to grow and evolve, as we manage over 100.000 pieces of equipment at all technological levels, from devices deigned to provide basic healthcare services to the most innovative and sophisticated technology produced by all and any manufacturer, both at local and multi-national levels (Siemens, Philips, General Electric, Draeger).
Reliability beyond all limits. Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. is active all across the country, with operative centres strategically located within its clients' facilities.
In particular, laboratories and offices are to be found in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Palermo.
While the company is controlled by Italian entrepreneurs, shareholders include Spanish enterprises and French multinational corporations belonging to the “Gaz de France” group. Such a diverse group of shareholders confers an international vocation to the company, determining its current, distinctive propensity to operate beyond national boundaries and to rise to the challenges posed by its competitors in the global market.
Global service, complete responsibility. As an exclusive partner, Tecnologie Sanitarie operates under a Global Service contract, guaranteeing safe management of all services related to equipment usability and taking full responsibility for all end results.
Combining technical and specialistic competence, as well as managerial and healthcare-related skills, Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A not only makes a significant cut in management costs possible, but also enables its clients to optimize Total Cost, which includes enhanced equipment usability and functionality, administrative management, familiarity with current company assets, safety for users of the technology, quality of the services provided.
Clear costs, dependable value. As its knowledge of technological assets improves, the provider can take on greater financial risks, linking its compensation to actual results.
After a detailed analysis in which objectives, quality level of service and intervention plans are defined, Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. assumes full responsibility for the management of all technologies, for a fee agreed upon with the client and based on the services requested.
Such a procedure makes it possible to inform the client of the total cost of services from the very moment the contract is signed.
Corporate Social Responsibility. Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. employs policies and management systems (UNI EN ISO 14.001:2204 certified) which allow performance monitoring and analysis and which support research on solutions for sustainable development.
Environmental protection is pursued by giving priority to methods and technologies which prevent and reduce environmental impact and the risks involved.
Particular care goes into achieving efficient use of energy, optimizing use of materials, decreasing and recycling waste, and controlling discharge and emissions of pollutants.
Sterilization Project. In addition to its experience in clinical engineering and plant engineering, Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A. is able to offer its expertise in managing sterilization procedures. Choosing to rely on an external company to manage the “special process” of a sterilization service answers the primary objective of creating a new organizational system that involves the manager of the service, health departments and the administrators of each operative unit, in order to fully respond to the need for quality and efficiency in wards and safety for both patients and personnel.
Tecnologie Sanitarie S.p.A.’s integrated quality management system follows UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 certification standards, ensuring that international laws and national and regional regulations are fully complied with.
AN OVERVIEW OF OUR MAIN SERVICES Clinical Engineering Sterilization

Acceptance testing

Performance of all tests necessary to guarantee
that a new piece of equipment performs as expected
and that personnel is adequately trained.

Computerized census and data collection

Acquisition of vital statistics and technical data, labelling and codification of assets,
completion of administrative data and valorization of the identified assets.

Electrical safety assessment

Assessment of the level of safety of equipment and systems;
definition of necessary assistance in re-establishing optimal conditions.

Assistance with legal compliance

Assistance in bringing any equipment and systems which do not comply
with current legal specifications up to the proper safety standard.

Functional checks

Guaranteeing the best diagnostic-therapeutic performance
of the equipment in use as well as its reliability.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Reducing the risk of malfunction and guaranteeing dependable performance.

Corrective maintenance

Fast and effective assistance in the event of malfunction
and significant reduction of average downtime.

Personnel training

A variety of proposals and in-depth courses that will satisfy every training need.

Technical consulting

Consulting for purchases and dismantling of equipment,
management control, healthcare facility accreditation, certifications,
assessment of the socio-economic impact of new technologies,
planning and organization in the relocation of entire wards or healthcare facilities,
sizing of new facilities.

Environmental analysis

Measurements are carried out and readings are restored to the correct level if necessary.

Computerized management

Management of all activities through a computerized system which can be activated online
and is able to provide real-time information on programming, progress of work,
statistical analysis and activity monitoring parameters.

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